One of the major benefits of manufacturing homes offsite in a factory controlled setting is the reduction in capital costs. The Clyde Homes modern volumetric affordable home has been designed for Housing associations and other social housing providers. By utilising our unique offsite construction methods we acheive, and go beyond, current building standards and offer interior space that's significantly greater than other affordable 1/2/3 bedroom homes.

Our Volumetric affordable home can be configured as a semi-detached terrace or bungalow, based on an easily identifiable traditional design. Being factory produced, our homes are available in a range of external and internal finishes to suit individual sites. Our standard model is 25% larger than the comparable private developer led homes.

Produced as a volumetric build, the home comes ready fitted with all finishes including kitchens, bathrooms, wall and floor tiling, electrics and central heating.

Volumetric advantages:

Lower build cost

The highest thermal efficiencies

Superior air tightness

Rapid construction times

Reduction in site risks

Minimal disruption to surrounding area


Volumetric Home Advantages

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Air tightness
  • Rapid construction times
  • Reduction in site risks
  • Lower carbon impact
  • Minimal disruption
  • Suited to repetitive styles
  • Lower build costs

Interior of lodge Interior of lodge 2

Our Approach

  • We source land and JV landowners
  • Finance homes via leasing; Revenue budget not Capex
  • We will provide accreditation with BOPAS/NHBC as necessary
  • We provide homeless and disabled with low-cost housing of high quality
  • We provide a full turnkey package, including groundworks and foundations